5 Reasons Why Group Skiing Holiday Rocks

December 11, 2019 admin

Only a few years ago, it was almost impossible for a large group of people interested to skiing book a group skiing holiday. They would face numerous problems. Find the place for all to stay under the same roof. Pay ski pass for everyone. Find enough amenities to keep everybody happy. However, the things have changed recently and group skiing holiday is now a way better solution than going to the mountain alone, or with just one friend. You don’t believe us? Read on to find out five reasons why group skiing holiday rocks in 2020!

Group Skiing Has Never Been Easier


Many skiers who reached some semi-professional level of skiing are usually going to ski trips and holidays alone, because none of their friends can keep the pace. They can’t ski on the same slopes, they are waiting for them at the mountain base for too long, so they just quit the idea of going to ski trips with amateur skiers. However, with SkiJam App, even professional skiers can have fun with their amateur friends now. SkiJam App will help you track your friends on the slopes, show you the exact waiting time for ski lifts, so you won’t lose much time doing nothing, while waiting for them to arrive at the gather point.

Enjoy Great Amenities


A few decades ago, only the best ski resorts in Europe had anything else apart from the place to sleep. We all came to ski, hike and enjoy snow, bars and restaurants were a complete rarity and luxury. Nowadays, almost every average ski resort has numerous coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and inns. After the day on the slopes, you won’t have to play cards in your room like our parents did on their winter holidays. You can go on bowling, billiard, in a restaurant, everything you desire. Be kind to your amateur skiing friends – since they wanted to try to keep up with you on the slopes, give them a chance to choose what your group will do later.

You Can Even Save Money


Summer holidays are way more expensive than winter trips. So, if you can make your friends to make a switch, you will enjoy more on your holiday, and you will also save some extra bucks. Also, we have to mention that many resorts are giving exclusive group reductions, so you can save even more money by going on a group skiing holiday.

Group Skiing is a Cure for January Solitary


After New Year holidays and spending spree around Christmas, everything becomes grey for most people. This is the best time to go to a group skiing holiday. Firstly, you will make a runaway from the place you live, where everything stops in January. Secondly, you will be surrounded by your friends, on a magical friends and enjoy winter activities. Is there anything better than that?

Eat What You Want – You Won’t Gain Weight


Everybody knows that everything tastes better on a mountain. It is the best cure for your appetite, and yet, you won’t gain any weight. By just walking through snow you will be able to burn those calories down, not to mention skiing down the slopes. And everything is even better if you have good company.

Going on a group skiing holiday in 2020 is the best cure for stress from everyday life. If you never made a winter trip with your closest friends, now is the time for that. The prices for group arrangements are going down, the amenities are better than ever and you will be able to make great memories and have fun in the dullest part of the year.


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