Hotels in Kopaonik – The Complete List (2020)

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There are 14 hotels in Kopaonik, the most famous Serbian mountain and a ski resort. If you are looking forward to spend your winter holiday in Kopaonik ski resort, but you are still unsure which hotel in Kopaonik is the best for you, you came to the right place. In this article, updated for winter 2020, we will review all 14 hotels in Kopaonik and help you choose the best accommodation for your winter holiday.


Gorski Hotel and Spa


At the start of 2020, this is the best reviewed hotel in Kopaonik on online booking sites. It has an indoor pool and wellness centre and it is located in the very center of Kopaonik, only 130 meters from Kopaonik Ski Centre. This makes Gorski Hotel one of the top destinations of skiers and snowboarders. Almost all ski lifts are really close this hotel – Malo jezero and Krst are within 100 meters from the hotel, while Pancic, Karaman greben and Masinac are all within 400 meters from the hotel. Popular pubs and restaurants, such as Spacir, Alo alo, Pub, Wurst and Garden are also within 200 meters from the hotel, and Maxi and Idea supermarkets are nearby.

The people who stayed there are saying that Spa center in the hotel is exceptional, and can compare with the top European hotels in ski resorts. The food and staff are also great, and everything is brand new. The prices are not on the higher end neither – you can book a room for around 200 euro per night, which may sound costly, but believe us – the experience of staying in this hotel worth even more than that.


Grand Hotel and Spa


Grand Hotel is one of the most recognizable hotels in Kopaonik. It is also located in the centre, right to the Kopaonik Ski Center. Pancic, Karaman greben and Krst ski lifts are within 200 meters from the hotel, while Malo jezero and Masinac are also near, within 300 meters. You have to walk a bit to the supermarkets and restaurants, the closest are located around half a kilometer away.

Grand Hotel offers spa and an outdoor pool, and this is one of the few hotels in Kopaonik that offers both winter and summer amenities. This hotel is recommended especially to couples, who want to spend a romantic weekend on the mountain. It is a bit pricier than Gorski Hotel – you need around 250 euro per night to book a room at Grand on average.


Hotel Putnik


Hotel Putnik is another modern amenity in Kopaonik. This 4-star hotel was reconstructed and modernized only two years ago, and it is certainly one of the top hotels available at Kopaonik Ski Center. It has a stunning view on Suncana dolina, the most beautiful part of Kopaonik for many. However, it is a bit away from the center. The nearest ski lift is in Suncana dolina – more than 600 meters away, while Malo jezero ski lift is over a kilometer away. There are no shops or restaurants nearby as well. However, as many previous guests stated, you have all available within the hotel – a bar, a restaurant, a spa and wellness centre.


Grey Hotel


Grey hotel established themselves as the go-to amenity for skiers, couples and families. They are located only 150 meters away from 4 ski lifts and allow ski-to-door access. Malo jezero, Krst, Pancicev vrh and Karaman greben. The hotel guests can enjoy spa and fitness centre, pool and sauna, and this hotel also has a bar and a restaurant, like every other top hotel in Kopaonik.

The guests love the hotel staff and the fact there is a parking next to hotel, so if you are going to a group skiing holiday, this is the place to be.


Kraljevi Cardaci


Kraljevi Cardaci is another exclusive hotel in Kopaonik. It is located further out, 5.5 kilometers away from the ski center. The nearest ski slope is 2.5 kilometers away and although the property provides free transport to and from the city centre, this hotel is not the best option for skiers, for obvious reasons. As a trade-off, the hotel offers amazing outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a steam bath and sauna, massage rooms and a gym. You can also enjoy in built-in a la carte and buffet restaurant, beerhouse and a lobby bar. So, for guests who are looking forward to spend their holiday without doing many outdoor activities, this is the place to be for sure! You can find a room for a less than 100 euro per person in this hotel, which is a bargain deal for everything they offer.


Hotel Angella


This four-star hotel is located in the centre of Kopaonik, 500 meters from the Kopaonik Ski Centre. Malo jezero ski lift is within 300 meters from the hotel, while Krst and Pancic are just a little further out. The hotel has its own lobby bar and a restaurant, but if you want to have a meal at some of the famous restaurants in Kopaonik, Maglic is the nearest, within 200 meters from the hotel. Cafe Pub is close as well; Maxi and Idea markets are also near, all within 300 meters from the hotel.


Hotel Club A


Another hotel in the very centre of Kopaonik, only 100 meters from the Kopaonik ski centre. The closest ski lifts are Pancic, Malo jezero, Krst and Karaman greben, all within 300 meters from the hotel. This is one of the closest hotels to the main bus station in Kopaonik as well. The amenities include a bar and a restaurant, swimming pool, small sports pitch, and a massage centre.

Milmari Resort


Millmari Resort is located 6 kilometers from the centre of Kopaonik. Since it is further out, this is not the best option for skiers, although the free shuttle to the nearest ski lift Suncana dolina is provided five times per day. You can take a local bus to the centre as well. The bus station is located 500 meters from the hotel. Millmari offers an indoor pool and a restaurant to their guests. There are two supermarkets within 500 meters from the hotel. The nearest ski lift is Suncana dolina, but it is over 3 kilometers away. This hotel is officially 3-star, they are one of the cheapest in Kopaonik, but the guests are mostly very happy and they say that the hotel surpassed their expectations and that Millmari offers more than a standard 3-star hotel.


Hotel Srebrna lisica


This hotel is located just outside the Kopaonik centre, between Malo jezero and Suncana dolina. From most of the rooms, you will have a beautiful view on the forest of spruce. Srebrna lisica is a 3-star hotel which offers their guests a restaurant and a bar. You can get a room for under 100 euro per night here.


Hotel Junior


Hotel Junior is located in Brzece, around 18 kilometers from Kopaonik Ski Centre. Since it is further out from the mountain, this hotel offers numerous amenities to attract visitors. It features one large restaurant, three outdoor dining areas, a ski school and a private, beginner ski slope, dedicated to beginner skiers. There is also a disco, a restaurant, a pool hall and a shop. The guests can work out in the gym, play football and basketball on-site. The closest ski lift is Bela reka 2, within 3 kilometers from the hotel.


Hotel Srebrnac


This hotel is located on the road from Brzece to Kopaonik, and advanced skiers regard this hotel as the best positioned in Kopaonik. It is in a close proximity to Gobelja relej and Jaram, which cover nine ski slopes, mostly for advanced skiers. Srebrnac is 3 kilometers away from the centre of Kopaonik. The hotel is not offering great amenities, when compared to other, especially 4-star hotels in Kopaonik, but its value for skiers who will spend all day out at the slopes and they need only a warm and cozy place to sleepover, is immense.


Hotel Olga Dedijer


This hotel is located around 700 meters from the centre of Kopaonik. The nearest ski lifts are Malo jezero within 500 meters and Krst, within 700 meters. The hotel offers free parking, restaurant and a bar. Murska river is just outside the hotel, while the nearest bar is Ice Kop, within 300 meters from the hotel. Idea supermarket is also pretty close, within 400 meters from the hotel.


Hotel Ozon


This hotel is also outside the city centre, but it offers great amenities – indoor pool, sauna, gym, private free parking, and a restaurant. The closest ski lift is Bela reka 2, under 2 kilometers away. Brzecka river is just outside hotel and the biggest river in the area Rasina is around 2 kilometers away. The closest supermarket is Foka, around half a kilometer away.


Hotel Rtanj


This hotel is located around 2 kilometers from Kopaonik Ski Centre. You can enjoy in indoor restaurant and a bar, and the hotel offers free parking as well. This is the closest hotel to Mali Karaman 1 and 2 ski lifts, which are located within 300 meters from the hotel. Marine vode ski lift are also close, within 500 meters from the hotel.


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